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Please write a 1000 to 1200 word essay on one of the following topics and submit it in canvas for a plagiarism review. Please know that you are allowed 2 quotes of no more than 2 sentences each in the whole essay. The Grading criteria is in the module. Due October 10th. 
Essay Question 1: How did the Enlightenment change the basic western attitudes towards reform, faith and reason? Discuss 4 important developments of the French Revolution that were a result of the Enlightenment. What impact did  they have on  western civilization?
Essay Question 2: Why do you think we should study the French Revolution? Identify five ideas or developments that you consider to be a lasting legacy of the French Revolution to western civilization?  Please make sure you provide substantial historical discussion and evidence from the course of the French Revolution in presenting your answer.
Essay Question 3:  Two economic movements had a tremendous  impact on Western Civilization: the Atlantic Trade System and the Industrial Revolution.  Which movement do you think has a bigger impact on shaping our world today? In explaining your answer, please discuss the impact of two of the above movements on the social and economic landscape.


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