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how to implement an educational program that promotes public health.

Unit 8 Assignment
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
· Apply health education strategies to protect and promote optimal physical and mental health.
· Design a PowerPoint regarding how to implement an educational program that promotes public health.
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:
HS499-4: Public Health and Education: Integrate basic knowledge of the core disciplines within public health and deliver educational programs that promote public health.
· Create a 15-20 slide presentation that promotes public health.
· Be sure to integrate the core disciplines within public health.
· Create a narration script in the notes section of your PowerPoint to develop a 30-60 minute presentation that will be uploaded to the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox.
· The presentation should be at least 15-20 slides in length.
· Include a list of references in APA format, including the information used from the modules.


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