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Human Resource Management homework help

Component #1- Apply for a job

  1. Print a job advertisement for a position you are qualified for. You can find the advertisement in a newspaper, online, or in the career center. You should include a copy of this advertisement in your project.
  2. Prepare your resume tailored to this position.  It is very important that your resume be aligned with the position requirements.
  3. Write a cover letter to apply for this position.

Component #2- Construct an interview

  1. Write 3 Behavioral Interviewing questions that you would likely be asked in an interview.  Your questions must be written in the behavioral interviewing format- i.e. “Give me an example of a time…..”.  Remember, Behavioral Interviewing is a unique type of interviewing where the interviewer is asking for specific examples of past behavior.
  2. Provide answers for each of your behavioral interview questions.

Component #3- Describe the Selection Process

  1. As the Hiring Manager for this position, describe the selection process.  Include all the steps in the selection process which the company should follow to make a final offer.


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