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• Identify   scientific evidence to help inform the treatment decision or   intervention to be implemented

peer reviewed research articles from professional nursing journals); followed by individual summaries and critiques of the references; then, submission of the final paper with Professor’s feedback incorporated into the final version. Each student will post a brief summary power point presentation of their findings on the assigned day and respond to classmate remarks. Detailed grading criteria will be provided for the presentation. This 5-6 page paper must be completed in APA format (1” margins, double spaced, 12 font) including a cover page and reference page with a minimum of 5-8 references (not included in page number). No abstract is required.   Criteria Possible   Points   I.  Identified Clinical   Question (PICO) 8   Clinical question was clearly   identified by:   a. Problem 2   b. Intervention 2   c. Comparison 2   d. Outcome 2   II.  Review of Evidence 30   • Identify   scientific evidence to help inform the treatment decision or   intervention to be implemented 15   • Synthesis   of the 5-8 research articles  (minimum of 5 from nursing) 15   III.  Implication for   Nursing Practice 30   Detail discussion of how these   findings can or should be implemented in your clinical practice or   established as a standard of care:   a. Evidence provided to   support decision 5   b. Discuss   or describe the nursing role 5   c. Discuss   patient teaching related to the intervention 5   d. Discuss   how current care would be changed or improved 5   e. Discuss   or explain why this would be good to implement if supported by   evidence. (i.e. decrease hospital stay, decrease use of pain meds) or  Discuss   or explain why this would not be good to implement if supported   by evidence. (i.e. too costly, not safe) 5   f. The   need or justification for future research if indicated 5   VI.  Quality of Writing 12   1. Organization   & Flow (use of headings) 5   2. Grammar   & spelling 2   3. Proper   sentence structure 2   4. Succinct   & concise (Adhered to page limit; not to exceed 6 pages) 3   V. APA formatting 20   1. Cover   page: Running head; Title, name, & affiliation is centered 1   2. First   page: Title; Page numbering 1   3. Proper   use of APA within text 5   4. Citations   within the body of the paper (references, quotes, author, year) 5   5. Citations   in body of paper match reference list, reference list matches   citations in text 1   6. Reference   page: (title centered, hanging indent & spacing) 2   7. Formatting   of references (alphabetical order, author, year, lowercase, italicized, right   type, doi)]]>


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