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Report Evaluating AWS and Azure Providers


The report will be five to seven pages in length and should include source citations, as appropriate, in APA style.


This report should include the following components:


  • Title page
    • Include: for whom you are preparing the document, the title, the date prepared, and your name as the preparer of the document.


  • Executive summary
    • Include: the purpose of the report and the intended audience.
    • Brief description of conducted research and POC deployments.


  • Comparison of architecture deployment feasibility (from Steps 1 – 5)
    • Describe how the architecture proposed in Step 3 can be implemented in AWS and Azure environments, and compare ease of implementation.
    • Evaluate and compare efforts to implement BallotOnline business requirements.
    • Compare availability and ease of use for application scaling, geographical distribution, and network security measures.
    • Compare availability and ease of use of cloud services required by BallotOnline (database as a service, auditing, logging, application security, etc.).
    • Compare support for application migration and monitoring.


  • Comparison of ease of deployment (from Steps 6 and 7)
    • Describe AWS and Azure capabilities for deploying web applications using the PHP language and MySQL database.
    • Compare ease of use of user interfaces, portals, and management consoles.
    • Compare POC environment deployment times.


  • Comparison of costs
    • Discuss and compare pricing plans available, costs of servers, and services.


  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Present the final recommendation based on your research and POC deployment.



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