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Information Systems homework help

Management Information System Midterm


Part 1: Students are required to (research) two (2) articles journal on E-commence. The article should be dated between 2017-2021. The article must be from any (reputable) sources.

Part 2: Students will create two (2) separate tests from the articles in the following format:


  • Title of Article
  • Indicate the URL link under the title

Each test must have the following: 

  1. 5-Multiple Choice Questions with 3-answer choices
  2. 5-True or False Questions
  3. 5- Short answer response questions.

Part 3: The answer key must (specifically) indicate where the answers are located.  For example: Page 23; subtitle (XYZ); 8th paragraph, 6th sentence.

Note:  The answer key must be on the 3rd page of each article.

Students have the option to upload the two articles (together) in (one) document; or in separate documents.



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