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Intro to Physical Anthropology

Anthropology 212: Intro to Physical Anthropology
Research Abstract Instructions
Step 1: 
First, read any scientific article found in a peer reviewed academic journal that is rooted in the discipline of physical anthropology.  You may use the online database entitled Academic Search Complete found at the Hayden Memorial Library webpage to find an article  A few examples of topics that relate to our class are; natural selection, evolution, bipedalism, primatology, speciation, the human fossil record, etc.
After thoroughly reading the article you choose type a 2 page (minimum) review of the article you read.   Your paper should be a clear and concise summary of the article, discussing both its thesis and findings.  In your conclusion that should be one full paragraph long (at least 5 sentences) discuss how the article relates to the material covered thus far in class and in your text.  The conclusion should be full of key terms from the textbook and lecture material to prove your overall comprehension of the article, as well as its relation to the study of physical anthropology.
Your paper should be in MLA format (typed, 12 point times new roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins). Your paper MUST provide a MLA Formatted work cited page referencing the article that you read.  The required length of your paper is two full pages of content. Anything less will cause a deduction in your score.
Grading Rubric
Length– Paper is at least 2 page of content = 2 points
Format–  Paper is typed and and formatted in MLA style (12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins at top, bottom, left, and right. = 1 point
Content– The article chosen is related to the field of biological anthropology, and the writing clearly summarizes the thesis and findings of the academic article.  =9 points
Relation to Class Material– The conclusion of your paper should provide a one paragraph discussion of how you understand the article to relate to our class lectures, discussions, and readings. =5 points
Work Cited– A work cited page is included in either MLA or Chicago style format. = 5 points
Grammar- Sentence structure, spelling, and = 3 points 


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