u need write 3 work, each need one page and each in one doc
1.Food Science is in the news!  This assignment is meant for you to analyze how the mainstream media reports scientific information.  Sometimes they do it well, sometimes there is a lot of hype and sensation added to it.
Find a news article that is reporting about a scientific (food related) discovery.  Then find the journal article being reported.
Make sure to include the link (or complete citation) to both the news article as well as the journal article.
This paper should be about 200-250 words, but I am looking for content, not a word count.
2. write 5 questions and comments about the caffeine and discuss the question :Is caffeine dangerous? – what are the physiological effects of it?
Should it be restricted?
Do we as a society consume too much caffeine?
Is there a social stigma attached to some caffeine and not others?
3.ou can choose to write a paper, they should be 200-250 words (approx. one page double spaced).   OR you can submit a video 3-4 minutes in length (must be in a format compatible with windows).  Reflections, written or recorded should include:  What you thought before, and how your discussions and research have impacted your opinion now (changed it, strengthened it or helped you form an opinion)