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Key Roles of Teams

Focus on the image below, “Key Roles of Teams”. Select four roles and take a deep dive into the meaning and function of each of the roles you selected. In addition to the textbook, utilize at least three outside sources to support your submission.
The textbook lists the information below referencing the chart:
allocation of roles 
Teams have different needs, and members should be selected to ensure all the various roles are filled. A study of 778 major league baseball teams over a 21-year period highlights the importance of assigning roles appropriately.37 As you might expect, teams with more experienced and skilled members performed better. However, the experience and skill of those in core roles who handled more of the workflow of the team, and were central to all work processes (in this case, pitchers and catchers), were especially vital. In other words, put your most able, experienced, and conscientious workers in the most central roles in a team. We can identify nine potential team roles (see Exhibit 10-4). Successful work teams have selected people to play all these roles based on their skills and preferences. (On many teams, individuals will play multiple roles.) To increase the likelihood team members will work well together, managers need to understand the individual strengths each person can bring to a team, select members with their strengths in mind, and allocate work assignments that fit with members’ preferred styles.
Robbins, Stephen P.; Judge, Timothy A.. Organizational Behavior (Page 323-324). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition.


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