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King’s Conceptual System Model of Nursing Essay

King’s Conceptual System Model of Nursing Essay

Assignment Purpose: Comment on the Discussion on King’s Conceptual System Model of Nursing Essay below
Thing to Remember:

  • Answer this discussion with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources.
  • 1 References, find resources that are 5 years or less
  • No errors with APA format 6 Edition

 Students King’s Conceptual System Model of Nursing Essay To Comment on
Q. Which theory speaks to your advanced nursing practice? Explain why it speaks directly to your future practice and give specific examples of how you see it fitting into your new role.
Personally, King’s Conceptual System Model spoke the most to my practice both currently as a registered nurse in a Family Practice setting and a future advanced practice nurse (Whetsell, Gonzalez & Moreno-Fergusson, 2018). Her goal of accomplishing with this model was for “happiness and flourishing” (Whetsell et al., 2018). Therefore, she had a more holistic approach considering, human beings and their surrounding circumstances (Whetsell et al., 2018). She concluded that a conceptual model included: “conceptual systems, personal system, interpersonal system, social system, …authority, body image, decision making, growth and development, etc…”(Whetsell et al., 2018).
An article I came across in my search for learning more about this theory, studied the interpersonal relationship as it applies to King’s model with nurses and adult patients (Pereira Borges, Magalhaes Moreira, Braz da Silva, Oliveira Loureiro, & Bezerra de Meneses, 2017). This study concluded that by the nurse and client interacting more allowed the patient/client to be more at ease with their care (Periera Borges et al., 2017). It showed particularly, great results in patients who were agitated with bedrest and felt like social outcast, this theory helped them feel valued, desired and heard (Periera Borges et al., 2017). Another similar case study, with Alzheimers patients reports similar results in their outcomes with nurse to patient interaction using King’s Conceptual Model (Ugur, Orak, Agacdiken, & Yuksel, 2017).
The way I would apply this theory to practice, would to take a holistic approach with my patients. This would include, considering all of the issues addressed in this model: body, mind, heart, image, social issues, surrounding stressor, etc (Whetsell et al., 2018). I will take time to listen to my patients as much as time allows, helping them to feel a valued part of their care. Help them to make well informed decisions. This is how I will apply King’s Conceptual system.


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