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MGMT 640 – Paraphrasing Worksheet

For this activity, you will prepare a summary for the article Why So Many Organizations Stay White and a summary for the video The Urgency of Intersectionality that is directed towards specific people.

  1. Identify a specific person/people who could benefit from learning the information you gained from Why So Many Organizations Stay White and The Urgency of Intersectionality. They can be a manager, coworker, friend, family member, neighbor, professor, etc. They will be the target audience for your summaries.

In the space below, write their initials and role(s)/relation to you. This can be 1 or more people.


Role/relation to you:


  1. Think about special considerations regarding your target audience — such as their social identities / group memberships, values, biases, privileges, triggers/defensiveness, skepticism, resistance, etc. — that might affect their reactions to Why So Many Organizations Stay White and The Urgency of Intersectionality.

In the space below, describe these special considerations (1-2 sentences each).

  1. Article – Special Consideration #1:
  2. Article – Special Consideration #2:
  3. Video – Special Consideration #1:
  4. Video – Special Consideration #2:


  1. 3. Write a summary for Why So Many Organizations Stay White and a summary for The Urgency of Intersectionality with the person/people you identified above as the target audience. That is, use your own words to paraphrase the information you learned in such a way that it will be understandable and digestible to someone who has never taken this class.


Summary #1: Why So Many Organizations Stay White

Summary #2: The Urgency of Intersectionality

4.What are some strategies or tactics you used in your summary to address the special considerations you listed in Step 2? In other words, how did you address any indifferences/skepticisms that your target audience might have had towards the article and video?

In the space below, write a few sentences describing the strategies or tactics you used.

Save your responses as a PDF before uploading on iLearn.




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