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Each student will compose an original, properly cited (APA style) personal reflective paper that illustrates a thoughtful understanding of at least THREE of the following course objectives:

· Communication as a dynamic process basic to individual and organizational life.

· Communication barriers arising from cultural differences.

· Your role as a teacher/administrator/manager/leader related to the use of effective communication to reach your own goals as well as the goals of your organization.

· Your proficiencies and deficiencies as discovered through self-analysis.

· Your ability to improve your individual communication and presentation techniques in career and educational environments.

A “reflective paper” allows you to talk about what your learned in this class, how your learned it, and what you think about it. It may be written in first person.


Refer to an APA source for the proper format of an APA-style manuscript. In general, the paper should follow this format:

· Include only these three correctly formatted manuscript parts:

o A title page.

o The body of the report (At least 5 full pages—no more than 7 pages)—NO abstract needed.

o A reference page (with a MINIMUM of four references).

· Set line spacing at double-space (under Paragraph format) with no extra spacing before or after paragraphs.

· Indent only the first line of each paragraphs ½”.

· Use word wrap to allow lines to flow automatically.

· Press Enter ONLY ONCE at the end of each paragraph.

· Use 12 Pt. Times New Roman or similar serif font.

· Include a page header in the upper left-hand of every page. To create a page header, go to the header of your document (Insert Header in Word 2007 or 2010, or View Headers and Footers is Word 2003) and type the first 2-3 words of the title of the paper in all caps, tab to the right margin, then use the Insert Page Number feature to insert the page number at the current location.

·  Start the content of every page on the first line of type (1” top margin on every page)

· In your introduction, prepare the scene for your readers by telling them exactly which objectives you will talk about in your paper.

· Use APA style headings to introduce each topic (objective) that you mentioned in your introduction ( ).

· In your closing, summarize the main topics that you discussed in your


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