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This week we have been talking about staffing in health care organizations.  An important part of staffing a health care organization is selecting people who are up to date with industry standards.  Professional organizations are one way that employers and employees keep themselves up to date with industry information.
One of the key professional organizations for health care finance is the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). For this week’s discussion, we are going to explore HFMA and identify the services that it offers to the industry.  This will help familiarize you with the resources that are available to you.
The HFMA website can be found at (Links to an external site.).
For your original post:

  1. Identify one area of the HFMA website that provides information that you might find useful if you were a health care manager.
  2. Explain what information is provided in this area and how you might use this information as a health care manager.

250 word count


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