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 Overall information
Intercultural effectiveness is an important skill that everyone needs to develop in an inter-connected world and increasing culturally diverse workplace. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your own attitudes/ behaviors, what you have learned from this class and from your interactions with peers throughout this semester, to identify areas for your personal development and to make an action plan to improve your intercultural effectiveness in the future.
Essay structure 
Section one: Introduction (identifying one weakness in your intercultural interactions, about 200 words)
1) Identify one area of weakness you have when interacting with people from different cultures or when working in a multicultural environment.
2) Provide background information and specific evidence to demonstrate weakness based on your experiences of interacting with people from different cultures.
Section two: Reflection & Interpretation (Analyzing the weakness)
Review the weakness from different perspectives, e.g. explaining your own intention, your observations (or speculation) of other’s reactions or describing the context in which the weakness occurred.
In-depth analysis of the cause of this weakness, such as personal reasons, environmental reasons, or certain assumptions you hold. Relate the weakness to the theories, concepts and tools, which are listed in the Canvas page weekly. You must demonstrate theory application in the essay.
Section three: Action plan
Based on the theories, concepts or tools you have identified in section three, develop a detailed, realistic action plan to overcome this identified weakness and improve your inter-cultural effectiveness at universities and in the workplace in the future. Again, in your action plan, you must apply the theories and use theories creatively to inform your actions.
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