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Questions: Read case and pick one question to answer
1. What role (if any) does culture play in a trans-border/transcontinental alliance? (3 marks)
2. What   challenges   would   be   in   store   for   both   the   companies   now   that   the   partnership   is
terminated? (2 marks)
3. What would you advise both companies to do next? (3 mark)
1. Double-spaced, 12ptfont (Times New Roman)
2. 0.75 (3/4) of a page long
a) How well did the response actually answer the question in a logical, clear and comprehensive manner? b) How well did the response deal with all aspects of the question?
c) How well did the response link the relevant course material?
d) Did the response demonstrate an appropriate effort/level of analysis? To what extent did the response demonstrate original thought or new insights to the issue that falls outside the course materials?
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