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Topic  –  Components of a Business Strategy
Requirements to write this paper :
Your final analysis is worth 100 points, and will be graded using the following rubric:
Point Value
Responds directly to the assignment as posed; follows The Guide to Case Analysis by including all aspects described
20 points
Reflects assigned reading and uses concepts related to the case; includes and presents effectively outside research relevant to the case
30 points
Thoughts expressed clearly and succinctly, free of grammar, punctuation, and other errors; cites sources using the appropriate style guide requirements, including in-text citations, footnotes, and references in APA formatting, include title page, running head, abstract, and page numbers
20 points
Quality of Analysis
Reflects ability to integrate information and think clearly and creatively; all questions answered concisely and completely; offers sound analysis based on facts presented; conclusion follows from the analysis.
30 points
You are required to complete a case analysis using The Guide to Case Analysis to analyze the organization’s ability to succeed in its competitive environment.
Your general “plan of attack” should be to closely follow The Guide to Case Analysis in presenting:

  1. The significant facts about the organization’s competitive position, both in terms of its internal resources and external environment.
  2. The specific problem facing the organization at the time of the case.
  3. Alternative courses of action the organization can consider, and a discussion of each from the perspective of its ability to solve the organization’s problem.
  4. The best solution from among possible alternatives, and recommendations for implementing the chosen strategy, supported by the information you have presented.

You should support your discussion with evidence, citing data and examples to support the points you make, and your discussion should reflect what you have learned from our assigned readings and class discussions, as well as from your own research. Please be sure you can access the NEC Library online early in the course, and request assistance if you need it, so that you can adequately research your case.
There is no set length for your research paper, but should be between 4 to 6 pages APA formatted pages excluding your graphs and illustrations and appendixes you are expected to answer the questions above comprehensively and succinctly. Do not write for the sake of writing. Read what you have written from the perspective of someone who does not know your topic well, to be sure it delivers necessary information, makes its points clearly, and is well supported by convincing evidence. The easiest way to confirm this is to have someone whose estimate of your paper you will respect read it before you submit it to your facilitator for grading.


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