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Chapter 11 in our textbook discusses the action steps management must take in order to execute strategy successfully:

  1. Marshaling resources to support the strategy execution effort.
  2. Instituting policies and procedures that facilitate strategy execution.
  3. Adopting best practices and striving for continuous improvement in how value chain activities are performed.
  4. Installing information and operating systems that enable company personnel to carry out their strategic roles proficiently.
  5. Tying rewards and incentives directly to the achievement of strategic and financial targets and to good strategy execution.

Using the information in Case #25, “Robin Hood,” what recommendations would you make to Robin that would help get his strategy back on track? Do you feel that these challenges arise from fundamental flaws in the original strategy, or from management problems in the execution of a well-crafted strategy? Explain your answers using information from the case and what you have learned about crafting and executing successful strategy.


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