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Management homework help

Interview a high-level executive in your organization to learn more about its culture, operations, and industry. Ask questions about the following topics and include them in your entry:

  1. Summarize Habits 2 & 3. “Begin with the End in Mind” & “Put First Things First”
  2. Correlate the main themes of the habits to your internship or work experience

Complete the following:

  1. The organization’s mission statement or apparent mission if no statement exists;
  2. A brief history of the company or organization;
  3. The organization’s structure;
  4. The activities of your team, department, group, or office. Include the range of services or goods provided by you and or your co-workers and the organization;
  5. The customers your organizations serves both internal and external;
  6. A brief description of where you fit into the overall organization and the typical interactions you have with other functional areas.
    1. Write a thank you note or letter to the person you interviewed as soon as possible after your interview. Attached a copy of your thank you note or letter with your journal.
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