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The book chapter (Chapter No 5) titled ” ‘Containerization in Globalization’: A Case Study of How Maersk Line Became a Transnational Company” is authored by Professor Sornn-Friese from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
1. Based on the chapter, how do you best describe Maersk’s business model? (must include the shipping process and operations details; certainly, you can create graphics if it supports your storytelling; avoid repeating the phrases or directly quoting the main article; it has to be your own words and explain the way that you understood as accurately as possible).
Page Limit: 2 pages
2. The chapter illustrates a specific example where Maersk was able to respond to their clients quickly while they improve economies of scale on their assets. Explain this illustration in your own words. Also, can other companies from different industries replicate Maersk’s success? Explain.
Page Limit: 1 page
1. Avoid cut/copy and paste.
2. When you read materials online and want to use it, please provide proper references. You have to paraphrase it, avoid cut/copy and paste.
3. It is group work, so contribute as well as others in your team.
4. Honor the deadline. Due Date: Friday, October, 9th, 11:59 PM
5. Type your names on the top of the first page. It has to be a word document (i.e., .doc, docx). If you are submitting the document for your team, then name the document ” LastName_FirstName.docx” or ” LastName_FirstName.doc”
6. Recommended fonts: Garamond, Georgia, Cambria, Calibri. Font Size: 12 pts; 1.5 line space;
7. Use your own thoughts and words. Be concise and clear. Avoid colloquialism.
8. Failure to adhere to the above steps will lead to reduced (or zero) grades.
Note: The Turnitin will provide you an originality report when you submit the document. You may choose to look at the report, revise the document, and resubmit it. Note, resubmissions are not allowed past the deadline.
Side Note (not related to the assignment)
The above chapter is part of the book titled ” Shipping and Globalization in the Post-War Era Contexts, Companies,
Connections” Edited by Petersson, N.P., Tenold, S., White, N.J. 2019. This is an open-source book and the entire book is available at Link
Required Text:
Mangan J and Lalwani C, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 3rd Edition, John Wiley, 2016
Additional References:
Hult T, Closs D and Frayer D, Global Supply Chain Management: Leveraging Processes, Measurements, and Tools for Strategic Corporate Advantage, McGraw-Hill Education, 2014
Harrison A, Hoek RV, Skipworth H, Logistics Management, and Strategy: Competing through the supply chain, 5th Edition, Pearson, 2014
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