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Unit 6 DB: Horizontal vs. Vertical Integration (BUS411)
Unit 6 DB: Horizontal vs. Vertical Integration
This week let’s discuss integration.
First, name a company the practices horizontal integration. Describe the structure. Now do the same for a company vertically integrated. In your opinion, which is better to work for? Which offers workers a better opportunity to better themselves?
Now, if you owned the business, which would you implement? Think again about the workers’ opportunities. Does their betterment also mean what’s best for your business?

Unit 6 DB: Labor Negotiations Agenda (HRM303)

Unit 6 DB: Labor Negotiations Agenda
According to our text, non-economic or non-wage negotiating issues are ordinarily tackled first during a Labor Contract Negotiations with wage and benefit issues settled as a package near the end of the negotiations process.  This is typical of almost any kind of negotiations.
When purchasing a car, buyers typically insist on making certain that the car they are considering meets all their needs before settling on a price.  In labor negotiations, what are the advantages and disadvantages of starting with the non-economic issues first for the company and the union?


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