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MGMT4020 Strategic Management


Assignment: Choose the Best Strategy


Objective: To analyze an opportunity and determine which generic strategy would be most fitting


Format: 2 pages, Acceptable formats include: Word, Excel, PPT, & Prezi


Grading: Scores will be based on clarity of the information you present to support your position



Task: For each of the scenarios below, choose the strategy that you believe should be pursued to achieve the best results, and provide a brief explanation of why you believe this is the best strategy.


             5 Generic Strategies

  1. Low-Cost Provider Strategy
  2. Broad Differentiation Strategy
  3. Focused Low-Cost Strategy
  4. Focused Differentiation Strategy
  5. Best-Cost Provider Strategy




  1. A new waterfront development project is beginning in a medium-size city. This project will include moderate to higher-end shopping, restaurants, and hotels. Some of these businesses include: Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, an Apple Store, Sasha’s Dress Boutique, Apostrophe, Bose, Calvin Klein, Cheesecake Factory, Capital Grille, Maggiano’s, the Marriott, and the Westin. The spaces will include a mixture of national chains, and local businesses. The project and the city have been highlighted in national papers for the expected success of the project and renewed attraction to the city. The Sully Hospitality group is determining if they want to open a boutique hotel in this area. What strategy should Sully adopt to develop the type of boutique hotel would best-fit this project? Provide a brief explanation.


  1. A new shopping center is being developed – the main anchors are Wal-Mart and Home Depot. The other parcels will include smaller establishments of fast-food and other convenience category businesses. McDonald’s is interested in this project but has to determine how they would approach this location. The options are:


  1. Put a McDonald’s Express inside the Wal-Mart
  2. Purchase an out-parcel at the front of the project with high traffic volume and build a traditional McDonald’s
  3. Purchase an out-parcel at the front of the project with high traffic volume and build a McCafe


Which generic strategy should be McDonald’s use to guide this decision? Based on the generic strategy that you believe is most appropriate for this scenario, which option should McDonald’s choose? Provide a brief explanation.


  1. The airline industry has seen various players attempt all of the generic strategies. Given the current state of the airline industry and the main surviving airlines, if a company wanted to get into this industry right now, which strategy would promote the best chances for success? Provide a brief explanation.


  1. The top five selling brands of tablets in the world are: 5. Acer, 4. Dell, 3. Sony Vaio, 2. Lenovo, and 1. Apple. A new start-up company wants to break into the tablet market; what generic strategy should they adopt? Provide a brief explanation.

Market 101 News, 2016:

Another interesting source for rating information:


Here are some Mini Lecture about Generic Strategies :


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