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2. CASEANALYSES (maximum 3-4pagestyped): Due date are 10/4/2020 at 11pm. Case will be provided by the instructor.      The suggested format of your case analysis is as follows:Overview of major issues discussed in the case.
Key themes from the text: elaborate what you have learned from the case by directly relating/connecting the case to concepts and themes described in the different chaptersAnalysis, including assumptions (if needed). For the analysis, you can put down your own thoughts and opinions about the issues/challenges described in the case. You can bring in outside information (such as the latest news, articles, etc.). You can also answer any questions at the end of each case. These questions can be used as a guide to develop the other sections of your case summary/write-up. You can also do a SWOT analysis of the company in your case.Recommendations and action plan (here you can provide your thoughts on what needs to done, what course of action can be taken)Appendix* (exclusive of the 3-4 page limit)      *Appendix can include calculations, charts, diagrams or graphs. The appendix should help to further support your analysis—not simply be “tacked on.” It should serve a purpose. All calculations and figures must be clearly labeled and referred to in the body text of the case.
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