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1.Changing attitudes
Participate in this blog about how advertising reflects changing attitudes in society.
Clairol advertising – 1940s, 1960s, 2000s.  What changes in consumer attitudes are reflected here?
Select a brand with longevity and, using the library and the internet, find three advertisements, one from each of three different decades, for this brand (many websites have advertisement archives and the library has old copies of magazines with ads in them such as Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, and Time – advertising only, no branding elements). Demonstrate how the ads reflect changes in consumer attitudes – look at social trends, for example.
Don’t forget to use the ’embed image’ icon (the photo one) above to post your images. That way we can all see them! You can resize your images as necessary.
2.Brand personality
participate here in the blog about brand personalities. Who does it better?
Post advertisements from two competitors demonstrating how they use brand personality DIFFERENTLY. This is not as easy as it sounds – make sure you understand the concept of brand personality and typical dimensions companies use. Sometimes competitors try to emulate one another (don’t pick these!). I think these competing billboards from Newcastle and Stella provide a good example of approaching personality differently.
For your examples, with which personality do you most identify? Do you also prefer that product? Do you have suggestions for one or both of the brands about how to further develop a ‘personality’?
3.Brief discussion – Memory

You know you have a successful jingle when this happens to it. Why do you know this jingle, or other ones from many years ago?
Some commercials stick in your head. One great way to accomplish that is to include a jingle. Do you remember some unforgettable ones?
Post an advertisement with a memorable jingle (it is fun to look for old ones!). What makes it memorable? Apply the memory principles from Chapter 3 to your discussion. For what types of products do jingles work best?
4.Using emotion in marketing
Post an article about a business appealing to consumers with emotion. Consider the appropriateness of its (proposed) actions. Are there risks involved? Do you find the tactics effective? Apply theory from your book in your discussion. Include a visual of any advertising example you find, if applicable.
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