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>Marketing homework help

*****case study and instruction is attached
a) Cover page with student name, number, date, course, and professor’s name
b) No table of contents—go straight into answering questions
c) Pages MUST be numbered
d) No less than 3 and no more than 5 paragraphs each (30-60 words = 1 paragraph) for Questions 1-7 and
e) No less than 10 paragraphs and no more than 15 paragraphs TOTAL for Question 8
f) No APA-style references are required (as they would not be in a standard exam) but accurate and noted are required in body of paper if referring to an example or a change model.
g) Grammar and spelling are a MUST-DO and accounts for 10% of the final mark.
h) “Critical thinking”—meaning the ability to analyze a situation, see how things connect, and arrive at a creative answer, accounts for 20% of the final mark.


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