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Migration patterns

Migration patterns.

Look at migration patterns and numbers coming into the U.S. or what would become the U.S. since the European colonization began in the 15th century and follow it all the way up to today. Start with European colonization time frame even though recent discoveries have found that the ancient civilizations such as the Minoan’s and others may have been here thousands of years ago. How have the migration numbers and patterns changed over time? Examine the numbers of people and where they came from and for what reasons they came here, making sure to look at what proportion of the population they represented at the time of migration. During the 89th Congress President Lyndon Johnson was able to get a bill through Congress and sign it into law that led to a major reform in immigration law and greatly changed the immigration pattern. Consider all of the influences on migration over time, why things changed, how they changed and how it all led up to where we are today.

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Migration patterns


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