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National Institute of Drug Abuse

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#1 Lindsay Morris Week 7
The National Institute of Drug Abuse states that peers and school can be a strong influence of the use of illicit substances. Young people often experience peer pressure throughout their school years, and some more than others. Drugs, sex, and other activities that can have unhealthy compenents can possibly peek a curious mind. Peer pressure has an even stronger influence when a person’s close friends are the ones doing the influencing. Without risk factors being in place, peer pressure alone can be reason enough for a person to experiment with substances. A person’s social standing in and outside of school also play a role in the young person’s susceptibility to using drugs. Being unsuccessful academically as well as having a hard time socially can cause an individual to feel more destructive than his peers who have not struggled academically or socially.
The National Institute of Drug Abuse discusses a range of research based prevention programs. Selective and Indicated programs can be used for teens and young adults who may are in need of a specific type of prevention or treatment for that age group and their current social setting.
#2 Emily Jackson Addiction
Addition to anything can become harmful. The Bible speaks about during everything in moderation. One of the harmful additions is drugs and alcohol.  Addition to AOD can become problematic to a person life, living hood, and family.  The population I work with is teenage girls with substance abuse problems. I see firsthand everyday how drugs and alcohol impact people lives. One of the risk factors is lack of parental supervision. The article entitled “Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction” on the National Institute on Drug Abuse website that the home environment is important. If parents or house hold members used drugs or alcohol then that increase the chances of the youth growing up in that environment. A lot of my clients in my program started using drugs with their parents and have seen their parents overdosed. Even if the children never witness their parents abuse drugs if it is lack of supervision in the house hold then it increase the risk of being influence by outside sources. The parents is the first example and majority wishes to be like their parents. A protective factor according to the website is positive relationships. Relationships is a power source for change. A lack of guidance in the house hold can be replaced by a positive relationship in the community. One positive relationship can deter a person from participating in harmful acts.  The reason I believe Americans used so many legal drugs is to eliminate stress and to fill a void. The article entitled “Addictive Behaviors” on Indiana University website that people participate in behaviors to obtain a feeling and if it continues then it becomes an addictive cycle.
Addictive behaviors – sex, shopping, eating disorders, etc. (n.d.). Retrieved July 6, 2018, from
National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2014, July). Drug Abuse and Addiction. Retrieved July 6, 2018, from


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