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Native American spiritual mask

Native American spiritual mask.

Art Work Information:
An examination of the art reveals the fact that the artist employed the abstract principle in his work. An artist can be said to have used the abstract principle if there is evidence in the piece of work that the artist deliberately included only a small aspect of reality of choice in the work. The most conspicuous abstract elements are the lines on the face of the person in the painting. The artist made a deliberate decision to use the horizontal lines around the mouth region to imply old age. The line element of the abstract principle makes the painting more lifelike. The artist also used bars to identify the opened wooden door behind the man. Lastly, on the abstract principle, the artist used splashes to indicate the shaved mustache of the man in the painting.
Another art principle that the artist applied was the use of warm colors. The artist used an orange background for the purpose of producing an aspect of excitement. The warm color resonates well with the gesture of the man in the painting who appears to be presenting flowers to an unseen person. The warm color makes the painting esthetically pleasing.
The painting also included the principle of symmetry. On the painting, one is not only able to tell that there is symmetry, but also is able to locate the symmetry axis. The vertical axis makes it possible to locate the center of balance. The symmetry in the painting implies stability which further implies easiness.

• Describe the main social, historical, and cultural contexts of the work? Refer to your
responses in the “Art Work Information” section above.
• Describe the primary purpose of the art work.
• Describe the main artistic statement.
• Describe how the work reflects the human condition, or how it communicates as a
“human, creative expression.”

• Select and identify another work of art from your textbook that is similar to the work of
art that you selected from the museum. In most cases, the works of art in your
textbook are considered masterpieces.
• Explain three qualities that the work from the museum shares with the work from the
textbook, with specific examples to support your argument.
• Based on your comparison, explain whether or not the work of art from the museum is
a masterpiece or might become a masterpiece, using specific examples to support
your decision.

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Native American spiritual mask


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