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Nursing homework help

Power Point Presentation

Using Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Model theory discuss each of the following

1-  An analysis and a critique of the model

2-  Elaboration of the theory’s implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and nursing

3- Conclusion


Use 1 slide to discuss each point.

Fonts; High contrast colors for text are preferred – they are easier to read from a distance and from the screen. Avoid using yellow text; it is very hard to read since it doesn’t project well on a screen. Choose fonts that are easily read. “Script” type fonts can be difficult to read from a distance or on screen.

Your audience can read the slide faster than you can speak it…

Slides need to be in bullets or short phrases. When using bullets, aim for slides using the 6×6 rule: 6 bullets or less per slide, 6 words or less per bullet.  No paragraphs…Complete sentences are not needed.

Any additional information needs to be presented in your speaker notes. DETAILED SPEAKER NOTES NEEDED.

Just like in any APA formatted paper, a title slide and reference slide are needed. Authors cited in the reference list must also be cited in the body of the presentation as in-text citations.

Here are some good tutorials…


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