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WEEK 1 DNP Project Assignment

Possible Topics for DNP Project


Review the literature in your area of interest.  Speak with individuals who have a leadership understanding related to the possible topics you wish to consider. Consider current trends and issues in leadership within nursing and those outside of nursing that could be applied to leadership practice. Based upon these experiences, disseminate your findings following the directions below:


  1. Develop three (3) possible topics for your DNP practice project. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment. Your topics will be a phenomenon of interest that pertains to nursing leadership within the nursing practice environment of your choice. The problem identified should be significant to a specific practice site you have identified. The problem should be addressed using current literature- not a research approach. Complete this chart for your assignment.
  2. Each topic listed below should be addressed with two to three sentences.
  3. When you have completed this assignment, submit a digital copy in the assignment folder in BB.


Practice Setting: Identify a practice setting that you could potentially utilize for your DNP Project. Take time to discuss current issues and problems at the site. Find an issue that interests you that you could address utilizing current evidence from the literature. Assess organizational buy in to addressing the issue through interviewing various stakeholders. *** If you are able to identify a current issue that would have organizational buy-in and can be addressed with current evidence (not research of discovery) then this practice site may be a viable option for the DNP Project.


Topic: Identify the proposed project topic.


Current Practice: Identify what is currently being done at the practice site to address the identified issue. Is there a protocol or practice guideline in place to guide practice? If so, is it up to date with current evidence?  Will your project contribute to improving practice through current evidence? Is there significant financial burden involved with your proposal? (High cost projects often take years to approve so they don’t work well in DNP Projects)



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