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Nursing homework help

  • The paper MUST be at least 3 pages.
  • Use at least two evidence-based articles from peer-reviewed journals or scholarly sources to support your findings. You must also integrate your two scholarly resources into the body of your paper using at least two in-text citations. Be sure to use proper APA formatting and citation style. If no author or only an organizational author- this is not a peer-reviewed article.
  • You can use sections of your first to papers in the final project. PLEASE be sure the paper reads as one paper. See below for suggestions.

Sections Include

  • Introduction to the assignment (sections of the assignment: caring, professional identity, and professional organizations)
  • Caring: Explain the student nurse’s belief of caring in nursing (self, nursing, environment, and profession). Can use your first paper for this. This would include using information on the role of the nurse and how the nurse practices within the care systems (takes care of the whole person, part of a team, etc.). The importance of a nurse in caring for patients.
  • Professional Identity: Describe your professional identity including the student nurse’s beliefs, values, motives, and experiences. Can use your second paper for this. This would include the Code of Ethics and how the Standards of Practice support the professional identity of the nurse.
  • Professional Organizations: This section is new. Discuss two professional organizations the student nurse plans to be involved in during your nursing career, discuss why and what the organizational support will do for the nurse. This can include things like education, resources, community support, etc.
  • Conclusion (reflect on the criteria of the assignment; caring, professional identity, and professional organizations).


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