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System Assignment

Endocrine System

The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you are working diligently to keep up with the material and to give you practice both researching answers and answering questions specifically and succinctly.

To receive credit for this assignment, your answers must be in your own words, and:

well-written, with terms correctly spelled.

NOT copied from any course handouts.

NOT be copied from your or any other textbook (with the exception of definitions);

NOT be identical to another student’s answers.


The due date for this assignment will be announced in class.

Due date: ____03/12/2021____________                                                           # Points: 50


  1. Definitions. Provide a simple, concise definition for the following terms:




adenylate cyclase (a.k.a. adenylyl cyclase)

tropic hormone (tropin)



  1. Match the labels on the figure with the terms below.

____    adrenal gland

____    hypothalamus

____    ovary

____    pancreas

____    parathyroid gland

____    pineal gland

____    pituitary gland

____    testis

____    thymus

____    thyroid gland


  1. Match the hormones listed below with the correct gland from Question 2.

estrogens and progesterone

gonadotropins (FSH and LH)


insulin and glucagon

many releasing hormones (e.g., GnRH,GHRH.) melatonin


parathyroid hormone


T-cell stimulating hormones (e.g., thymopoietin,thymosin) testosterone

thyroid hormone





  1. List four examples of how cells can respond to hormones:


  1. Explain why all cells do not respond to all hormones.
  2. Match the hormones below with the type of stimulation to which they respond.


insulin                                                              A. neural stimulation calcitonin

antidiuretic hormone

estrogens                                                              B. hormonal stimulation


parathyroid hormone                                        C. humoral stimulation


  1. Do peptide hormones have cell-surface or intracellular receptors? Why?
  2. Briefly explain the differences in activity between the following types of G proteins:




  1. Do steroid hormones have cell-surface or intracellular receptors? Why?
  2. How does a steroid hormone typically affect a target cell’s activity? What cellular components are involved in the target cell’s response?
  3. Briefly describe the organization of the tissue in the pituitary gland.
  4. Why is the anterior pituitary often referred to as the “master” endocrine gland?
  5. Imagine you work for a pharmaceutical company and you have designed and synthesized a hormone-like molecule that (you hope) can be used in the treatment of diabetes. When you test this molecule in mice, you find that it has a half-life (t½) of 24 seconds. What does this mean?
  6. Complete this concept map on the regulation of blood glucose levels by hormones of the pancreas.
  7. Explain whether these two hormones are synergistic or antagonistic.


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