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 Research Article 
1. Research an article defending the position on the advancement of healthcare informatics and technology in healthcare.
1. Research Article:
a. You will use the research-based paper grading rubric as a guide to complete the transcript and the group presentation rubric for delivering the presentation. (Both rubrics attached below)
b. Prepare an 8-10 page paper (including title and reference page) written in APA 6th edition style. References no later than 4 years old.
Research Paper Rubric   (APA Format)
Title Page: Student has an appropriate title page, completed in an APA format with the title of the paper, the student’s name, a running head and date on the cover page.
Introduction: Contains a clear purpose of writing to inform the reader relating to the selected topic.
Body: The paper will have three main points with supporting evidence to back up the points.
Conclusion: The student will a clear conclusion with future directions.
Reference Page: Student has a minimum of 3 different references and all references are in APA format, no later than 4 years old.
Background info-historic perspective: Present with depth and clarity. APA format.
Citations and references: Both present written properly and has excellent depth of research information


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