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RE: Discussion – Week 6-one page three references
The peer review article I chose, was about using acetaminophen for pain management post op laparoscopic surgery ( Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 2017).  I decided to use this topic, because I have been working in the ortho floor lately, and noticed a lot of physicians prescribing Tylenol to patients post op, around the clock. I kept asking the charge nurse and other nurses why, and nobody seemed to have a definite answer, as to why. Doctors would explain to me, that it was way to prevent prescribing hard core pain medications, instead. Due to the fact, that when the patients are discharged, they will not be able to get that IV Dilaudid, at home.
I searched for my article using the Walden University. I found the search for this article on the website, to be easy and user-friendly. On top of the search, the library gave me additional topics related to my search. Similar to Youtube, you can continue clicking on interesting things, and the next thing you know, two hours have passed, and you are reading on why cats have 9 lives! In other words, I found the Walden University library to be very useful for me and my colleagues. I would so recommend it to not just my colleagues, but to the whole Walden University campus, and future colleagues to com


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