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Understanding who is involved at the local level is important when implementing evidence based practice. Knowing who the stakeholders are, who would be the recipients of the information, and who could assist within the community. Understanding the framework of a facility can go a long way when presenting your EBP change. “The 14 attributes of implementation of EBP were resources access, work structure, patient characteristics, professional role, culture, facility characteristics, system features, healthcare professional characteristics, financial, collaboration, leadership, evaluation, regulatory standards, and societal influences”. (Squires, &Grimshaw, 2019) Having these attributes when conducting EBP, and proposing it to steak holders should successfully increase the implementation of the EBP being proposed.
My preceptor and I discussed my capstone project at length and talked about what the hospital does if a medication error happens, or how the unit responds in case of a medication error. This facility uses a program called “Risk Master,” where all medication go into a data base for Risk management to review. Although we do believe that risk management should be involved in all medication errors, we believe that the local staff members (community) would be able to provide better feed back and collaborate better on ways to decrease the errors. This is due to the staff having a better understanding of how the unit works. My preceptor and I decided that when I present my proposal that all parties including unit staff members, along with risk management should be in attendance so they can use the information.


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