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 Week 6 A Comprehensive Health Education Program Presentation on a Specific Vulnerable Population
Your presentation should be at least 15–20 slides, not including your cover slide or reference slides. Your reference slides should cite at least seven references. Your presentation should, at the minimum, include the following topics regarding your chosen vulnerable population and related health education program/plan:Clearly states population chosenDescribes the vulnerable populationStates the current population demographicsDiscusses background of the problem, and its effect on public healthDiscusses the cultural background of the selected population and any relevant history pertaining to the populationDiscusses the psychosocial concerns and/or norms of the populationDiscusses the economic concerns of the population including, but not limited to, income levels, educational levels and occupationDiscusses specific health concerns of the populationInformation on specific risk factors for target population is presented concisely and accuratelyDiscusses prevention and control of health concerns and risk factors (primary, secondary and tertiary)Discusses the role of the public health nurse in caring for vulnerable populationsStates the core functions of public health and applies it to the care of the specific populationThree local agencies/facilities delivering services to the target population are identified and accessibility and service rendered are fully describedAdditional resources needed in the community are identified.Information discussed is current, within the last 5 years.
PD: The vulnerable population I choose was low income and homeless families, I attached the work I Did before for you to know better what I wrote.You can write about the vulnerable population following the question the professor ask and do it in slices(Power point)
Vulnerable populations face many healthcare issues that are mainly exacerbated by social factors. My chosen vulnerable population is low income and homeless families. This group of people is considered medically vulnerable because they are susceptible to chronic illnesses and do not have the financial capability to access quality healthcare. These people are also more prone to behavioral health issues and mental illnesses. The impact of these chronic illnesses tends to be more severe because of the low income and homeless families do not have adequate access to quality healthcare. Their healthcare options are limited by their economic status. Other issues faced by these populations include stigmatization and discrimination. A big percentage of them are uninsured. This increases their morbidity and mortality rates compared to other populations.
I chose this population because I believe that with the right strategies and policies in place, they can be helped to achieve positive health outcomes. Due to their low income, this population also has a very low literacy level which means that they have trouble understanding basic healthcare concepts. I believe that by empowering this population and facilitating healthcare education, a positive outcome can be achieved.
By addressing the issues faced by this population, healthcare disparities will be reduced or totally eliminated. Quality healthcare should be made accessible to all people regardless of the socio-economic status of the individuals. Patient advocacy is also something that is very crucial for this population due to their minimal understanding of healthcare issues and how the healthcare system operates. As Richard,, state, this population may be “subjected to coercion or may be compromised in their ability to give informed consent to receive medical or surgical treatments or to participate in research” (Richard,, 2016). Patient advocacy is therefore crucial when handling low-income families and the homeless.


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