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Walden University’s web-based learning has information that is fairly easy to locate by searching their website for assistance. Searching for scholarly, peer review articles on the main Internet can be tedious and tasking and sometimes pertain to inadequate information. In order to successfully find these particular articles, I went to the Academic Skills Center (ASC) on Walden University’s website and searched how to obtain said articles (Walden University Academic Answers). The ASC recommended using the Walden Library and researching by the subject. Once you decide on your subject in which you are searching, you then check the box that says Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals Only on the page.
Since I work in a critical care setting, I chose Nursing as my subject then searched for ICU nursing and burnout. COVID-19 has been the main struggle for us, as nurses, and we are emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted in the critical care setting. Intensive care employees are subject to many liabilities on a day to day basis, which in turn can have an effect on patient care. Fortunatti & Palmeiro-Silva define burnout as emotional fatigue that is job-related, detached relationships and defiance toward clients and colleagues, and a decrease in professional achievements and worth (2017). This study used nurses (RNs) and nurse assistants (NAs) to determine whether or not there was a relationship between unrewarded work, burnout, and patient care were correlated. The researchers found that positive work appreciation showed not only a decrease in burnout but also an increase in an exceptional level of patient care (Fortunatti & Palmeiro-Silva, 2017).
Walden University’s online Library was very straightforward and timesaving, which seems to be the most effective way for me to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles when searching for them.  Walden University’s Library Database (Academic Guides) was another simple way to research certain articles in alphabetical order in which you can distinguish peer review articles versus articles that are not peer-based. In my opinion, I would highly recommend both of these resources to all of my classmates due to the user-friendliness and ease in order to find their


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