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Nursing Research Paper

Nursing Research Paper
Write a five to seven page paper. The paper should include basic information about the research article you have chosen to investigate.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Within your paper, please include a minimum of three references (your text may be used as a reference).
Identification of the research study: independent and dependent variables
Identification of the research study: sample characteristics
Identification of the data collection procedures
Discuss the results of the study. What was the statistical significance? Were the results meaningful?
Identify the study implications. What are the implications of this study for nursing practice, education, or administration? What further questions were raised by this study?
Include your own evaluation of the study. In your opinion, was this study done well, and was this an important study for nursing? How could the study have been improved? What are the implications of this study for your practice area? Please give your rationale for your opinion.
Your recommendations on this topic for further nursing research: include a new research hypothesis with identified variables
Your conclusions, summary, or ending statements on nursing research


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