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Routine Messages
Using the AIM process, write the following messages. Include all 3 in one Word document.
1. Request for a Letter of Recommendation
Find a specific job, internship, or graduate study listing that you would be interested in pursuing. Make sure it requires a letter of recommendation. Your task is to request a letter of recommendation from one of your instructors or advisors. Write an email making the request. (see p. 290 of the text for considerations)
2. Make an apology
Assume you lost your temper when discussing a group project with one of your classmates. You left the meeting early because you were frustrated that your classmate insisted on doing everything his way. You still feel that he is dominating the project, but your behavior was inappropriate. Write an apology to your classmate in a way that repairs some of the damage between the two of you and allows the group to work more effectively together. Write this as an email and remember that it can be forwarded.
 3. Express Sympathy
Assume one of your team members’ mother has just passed away. Write a note that you could include in a card.
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