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Make sure you read the Paper Assignment PDF document in its entirely.  Basically – here’s what you have to do for the paper:
1) Choose one of the abortion articles to write your paper about (there are three: Warren, Marquis, and Thomson).
2) Spend the first half of the paper explaining the argument of the article. Be thorough and clear.
3) Spend the second half of the paper criticizing the article.  Here you have to think hard about what, in your view, is wrong with the author’s argument, and articulate it in your paper as clearly as possible.  
CITING: This is not a research paper.  The only article you need be concerned with is the article you choose to write about. When you are explaining the argument, you should cite the article as you summarize and paraphrase, and you should include a direct quote here and there as you see fit. You can cite the article simply using the author’s name and page number in parentheses.  For example, here’s what this could look like in an actual:
Warren argues that there are two different senses to the word, ‘human’: the moral sense, and the genetic sense. The moral sense is the sense in which someone is a “full-fledged member of the moral community,” and the genetic sense is the sense in which someone is a member of the human species (Warren, 11).  
Articles attached
You use the links to the articles in D2L when listing the article(s) in your works cited page.
I have TurnItIn activated in the D2L dropbox.  TurnItIn generates what’s called a “similarity report”.  (I have it set up so that you can see it once you upload your paper.) Basically, it checks for plagiarism. Sometimes what it turns up is innocent, and I always take a close look to make sure. The important thing to me is that *the ideas in your paper are your own*.  The most egregious form of plagiarism is when someone takes someone else’s original thought and passes it off as his or her own. For example: finding some criticism of an author’s argument on Wikipedia, and then copying and pasting that material into your paper and trying to pass it off as if it were your ideas, is very egregious plagiarism. The consequences of such plagiarism is a 0 on the assignment. Do not take this risk. 
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