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The Final Writing Exercise is in the format of a job interview. You have just graduated from Brooklyn College and now you are being interviewed for your dream job. Congratulations! Though, first you have to pass the interview process and the interviewer has learned that you took a class in Business Ethics. The interviewer is interested in what you learned and how a class in business ethics has affected you. Use your experience from the class to answer the following four questions. A good interview will include enough detail and personal narrative about yourself to make your answers genuine, authentic, and memorable. Here is what the interviewer asks:
(1) What did you learn in business ethics that you think will make you a better employee? Explain.
(2) In studying business ethics, what did you find most surprising and why?
(3) Each year we ask one employee to choose a virtue and write about it for the company. What virtue would you choose? Explain the virtue and why you would choose that one.
(4) What would you say is your ethics? What principles do you hold? Explain why.
You should try to write 2-3 pages. This is NOT a group assignment. Work in seclusion and by yourself. Your grade will be based on your grasp of the class concepts and the depth of your answer.


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