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Philosophy homework help


The critique explanation video found on the START HERE tab.

You are required to write 3 critiques about 3 different kinds of events during the entire semester. You will be submitting critique no. 3  here by the due date February 22nd (11:59pm)

The  critique needs to be at least 200 words, double space, which fits one page. Correct spelling, grammar and correct punctuation counts. (see critique guidelines for format example)

As you describe the visual art or performance, you will use at least 5 vocabulary words (from the ones we have studied or others you may know).

You may not repeat an art form (for example if you did a painting  for a previous critique, you cannot do another painting except for the extra credit critique which can be on any art form).

What to critique? Live activities such as plays (theater), concerts (classical or jazz), visual art works (painting, sculptures, etc.) or analyze a building (architecture).

Note: Due to the coronavirus situation, you can choose an art work or a performance from an online source. For music, do not use contemporary music, classical and jazz are preferred (Broadway shows are acceptable). For performances, look for videos recorded “live” so that you can still experience some of the live components.

– Add a photo in the second page of the Word document.

– Attach a word document or pdf file (do not write it where it says “write submission”).


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