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Physics homework help

 Please label each answer with the appropriate number corresponding to the problem number below and press “return” after each answer to leave a blank line between values to make your thoughts more readable.
Using the document “PHYS 161 Lab 1” provide the following recorded values.
1) What is the recorded value for your “3 second estimate” ?
2) What is the recorded value for your “1 minute value”?
3) What is the recorded value for your “6 minute value” ?
4) What is your recorded value for the estimate of the number of centimeters for the length of the trail?
5) What is your uncertainty of the number of centimeters for your estimated value of the trail length?
6) How did you determine your uncertainty for the trail length?
document “PHYS 161 Lab 1 is attached.
Due after 20 hours.
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