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Plans Developmentally Appropriate Curriclum

Plans Developmentally Appropriate Curriclum.

Identify a preschool setting that provides educational programs for 3- and 4-year-olds. Arrange to visit and interview a teacher and to observe in his or her classroom for at least two hours. Use the “Interview Guide” document to inform your questions during your scheduled interview.

Keeping in mind all you have learned about the context of the preschool program and the standards that inform its curriculum, plan three learning experiences around a central theme chosen in collaboration with the teacher you interview. Use the template provided in the “Learning Experience Plan Template” document.

Taken together, the learning experiences must include all content areas addressed in the Rubric (literacy; math, science, and technology; health; and the arts) and must address all domains of development (cognitive, social, emotional, and physical). Remember that, because your learning experiences are designed around an integrated theme, multiple content areas and domains of development will be represented within each learning experience.

Write a 7- to 10-page narrative analysis of your Learning Experiences Plan that includes a brief description of the central theme and explanations of the following:

How the learning experiences, taken as a whole, reflect at least three indicators of effective curriculum
How the learning experiences reflect appropriate learning standards and the goals identified by the early childhood teacher you interviewed
How knowledge of the children and families informed the learning experiences
How the learning experiences promote language and literacy
How the learning experiences promote math, science, and technology learning
How the learning experiences promote learning in the arts
How the learning experiences promote social, emotional, and physical development
How the assessment strategies used in the learning experiences informed your understanding of children’s learning and development
How play is incorporated into your learning experiences and why this is a vital component of the early childhood curriculum
How the learning experiences you planned can be differentiated to meet the needs of individual children, including those with exceptionalities (Note: Include a description of at least two strategies.)
How you collaborated to develop the learning experiences, including:
An explanation of the value of collaborating in the curriculum planning process

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Plans Developmentally Appropriate Curriclum


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