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Protecting Your Digital Data and Devices

Protecting Your Digital Data and Devices.

Metro High School has contacted us regarding parents’ concerns about their children’s access to the school network with personal devices. Many of them are concerned that their child may bring home a virus from the school’s network and want to know what the school is doing to prevent attacks and what they can do at home to make sure their child’s computer is not vulnerable.


Using Word, create and appropriately format an easy-to-read FAQ page.

Your page must include the following:

At least 15 questions and answers of your choice that address the following:
Risks to the network
Risks to computers connected to network
Ways to protect the network
Ways to protect individual computers
At least three specific software programs (e.g., Symantec® Antivirus Corporate Protection) that can be used to protect either the network or personal computers. Make sure you explain what the program does and how it protects.
Questions should be easy to identify (e.g., bold, different font, or different color text). Each response should include at least 4 sentences that clearly explain the response to the question. add reference and citation.

Sample Solution

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Protecting Your Digital Data and Devices


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