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Psychology homework help

this assignment involves locating  “data”  on some form of inequality,  then briefly writing up,  in a

sociological manner,  how the information relates to inequality.  One form of data may be to watch a  movie that deals with inequality, either –race, sexual orientation, gender, or class. Or, you may collect data from the internet, news program, book, or read an article from Time, Newsweek, etc. that pertains to some form of inequality. Some suggestions of movies depicting inequality:  Star  Trek,  Gandhi,  Gangs of  New  York,  Crash,  The  Constant Gardener, Hotel Rwanda, Nine to Five, or some TV series like The OC or Rosanne.

As you watch, focus on what you have learned about inequality — the wage gap, glass ceiling, social construction, the different worlds, the functions/dysfunctions, Marx’s view, response to domination, etc. It may be useful to review the lectures and you should certainly have read your text material on the particular type of inequality. Show your knowledge by using the terms and concepts,  e.g.,  point out how the group is stratified,  how many classes there are,  and then make some observations and “explain” the structured system using those theories or perspectives discussed in lecture and text, e.g., why is it functional and functional for whom?


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