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Psychology homework help


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the CAGE Distance Framework that firms should consider when choosing which foreign markets to enter. What conditions help managers determine which type of distance is most likely to affect the success of an international expansion? Provide an example.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the difference between economic value and social value or the shared value creation framework. Why do you think organizations tend to focus on the creation of one type of value but not both?


1. Describe a time when you received feedback on something you needed to improve. The feedback can be from a professional setting, an experience at home or in a personal relationship, an academic learning experience, or another setting. Did you respond with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? If you responded with a fixed mindset, how would you change to a growth mindset? Essentially, what would you do differently? If you responded with a growth mindset, how did that prepare you for new opportunities in the future?

2. There were many words of wisdom from Amelia Manning, Paul LeBlanc, and Greg Fowler in this week’s video. What message connected with you most as a learner and/or a career-path professional? Explain.


In 1965, a company called Educational and Psychological Films produced a series of therapy vignettes called “the Gloria Tapes,” featuring the same woman, Gloria, in therapy sessions with the founders of three important psychotherapeutic approaches: Carl Rogers (client centered), Fritz Perls (Gestalt), and Albert Ellis (rational emotive).

For this discussion, first watch the video

Then watch the video


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