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Psychology homework help

The goal of this assignment is to gain experience in reading and interpreting original research reports. To find an article, go to, click on dubSearch, and enter a topic that is relevant to one of the topics in the course, which could be a topic later in the course.
It must be from a professional journal and report the results of empirical research. Those taking the paired course BSAD 330 should try to find an article relevant to both classes, if possible. Download the full text of the article, not just the abstract, and save it on your computer or a flash drive or email it to yourself if you are not using your own computer.
In your report give the citation (author, year, title, journal, volume, pages), identify the hypotheses tested, describe the independent and dependent variables and how they were operationalized or measured, and summarize the findings. Note that the independent variable is the variable that is manipulated in an experiment to see the effects on the dependent variable; in a survey, the independent variable is represented in the groups being compared on the dependent variables (for example, if men and women are compared then gender is an independent variable).
Then compare those findings with a theory or other findings reported in the text or lecture, by summarizing the latter and then discussing how the new study confirms, contradicts, or qualifies the Psych 352 text or lecture. If you are in the paired course, also tell how the study is relevant to BSDA 330.
Hence the report should have the following side-headings: citation, hypotheses, independent variables, dependent variable, findings, and comparison with Psych 352. If you are in the pair, add a side-heading comparison with BSAD 330.
The report should be typed double-spaced. Proofread your report carefully, looking for errors in typing, spelling, and grammar. Have a friend proofread your paper to help spot typing errors as well as wording that may be unclear. Keep a copy on your computer or on a flash drive. Upload your paper to the assignment on Moodle, along with your copy of the article, by the due date.
Criteria for grading include (1) the appropriateness of the article selected, (2) the adequacy of the description of the article, (3) the adequacy of the comparison with the course(s), and (4) writing technique — organization, clarity, grammar, spelling, typing.


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