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Case Study: Instructions & Rubric (Online)
1. Each student will select a Case Study on which they will present.  The Case Study can discuss any concept covered in class or any scenario that relates to the nervous system, nervous system disorders (physiological), mental health disorders, etc. (feel free to be creative!).• A Case Study can be found through an Internet search, in Psychological publications, Medical publications, or invented based on appropriate readings.  Case studies can also be based on personal knowledge (a personal story or a familiar person).  Confidentiality must be maintained and names must be changed unless permission from the person described is obtained.2. Each student will have 10 – 12 minutes to present the scenario, explain the variables, problems, difficulties, triggering events, consequences and any other related aspect of the case.3. The presentation must include appropriate research related to the aspects of the case (a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed research articles from the past 15 years). References bust be cited.4. The student will present any medical or psychological treatment that is currently offered for the condition.
My chosen topic for the case study is Bipolar.


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