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Psychology homework help

Lisa Quast, a career coach, and consultant writes for Forbes. Read her piece on seven nonverbal mistakes to avoid during an interview. Then, read a blog post from about strategies for a successful interview (Copy and paste the link below to read the article)
Answer the following questions:

  1. Lisa Quast writes about nonverbal mistakes that job candidates make in interviews. Select two nonverbal mistakes from the list and discuss the underlying message that an employer might receive from a candidate who makes these errors.
  2. Do you believe that you might be likely to commit any of these nonverbal mistakes in interviews? Which ones?
  3. What nonverbal mistakes would you add to Quast’s list?
  4. Based on the blog post, what strategies can you take to avoid nonverbal mistakes when you interview? What new nonverbal strategies will you use in job interviews?


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