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1) What is the difference between biological and cultural evolution? How is this related to the concept we discussed in the Human Nature lecture on how identity serves as the connection point between outside institutions and our inner self? For example, think about how technology has shaped both our culture and our personal identity development.
2) Please consider the developmental processes of attachment. Describe the aspects of the theory and then discuss how the cross-cultural research we discussed in lecture has either confirmed or challenged these ideas.
3) Consider the theories of Piaget and Kohlberg on cognitive and moral development. How do they view cognitive development and to what extent have their ideas confirmed or challenged by cross-cultural research?
Please use the following scenario to answer questions 4 and 5.
Scenario: Imagine growing up in an extremely religious country where behavior is dictated by that religion and family/family values are the most important aspect of society where conformity is expected. When you are 15 years old you move to a country where individual freedoms are a right and it is difficult to ascertain what behaviors are expected of you and cultural diversity is promoted. The language is different, the freedom is new, and you are trying to understand how to fit into that new culture. Please address the points below in your response.
4) Using the above scenario and the Research Methods Lecture, please address the differences between assimilation and pluralism. Further, please indicate how they might play a role in this scenario.  What would Isajiw’s 3 generation theory suggest might happen to your children and grandchildren?
5) Using the above scenario, please discuss Erikson and James Marcia’s 4 stages of identity formation and place them in the context of this scenario. If you were in this scenario, how might those identity processes help to understand your transition. Please also include discussion of cross-cultural themes.


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